Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Wildlife Messages 2009


Monday, 28 September 2009

Dear friend,

It gives me immense pleasure to say that we have been successfully spreading the wildlife conservation messages through these wildlife message cards from the past twenty five years. I congratulate all of you who have taken this endeavour. At the same time, please accept my heartfelt thanks.

This time let me share some of my thoughts regarding the most publisised Swine ’flu (H1N1) that has gripped the world media. As you are aware, it is an infection caused by H1N1 virus. Viruses are the very first creatures that evolved on the Earth about 4 billion years ago. They have withstood and survived all the catastrophes that have occurred on this planet. This has been possible from the two notorious qualities that a virus possesses. Firstly, viruses cannot naturally produce the proteins needed for their duplication. They depend on plants or animals for their development. They attack, destroy and grow inside a particular cell of a living body where they find the essential ingredients for their growth.

Thus, from viral diseases like common cold, chicken pox or measles to poliomyelitis, herpes to AIDS each virus attacks and destroys a particular cell in our body.

Secondly, viruses have the capacity to mutate i.e., alter the protein structure in their nucleus or on their body surface. Thus, when a new virus attacks us with a subtle change of its body structure, our body defence system fails to recognise the virus!

Scientists say that with the human intervention, with our callous exploitation of nature, every day at least one species of plant or animal is getting extinct on the Earth. If an animal or plant gets extinct, where should the virus that depended on a particular cell of that lifeform should go? I feel that human beings are the most vulnerable targets for this these viruses. Because, we inhabit and populate on all corners of the globe; we travel rapidly from one place to the other spreading the virus and most of all, our body is not ready to accept a new virus. Thus, new viruses and new diseases are heard with increasing frequency and without doubt, it is our own making.

It appears that viruses have waged a war with human beings. And ironically, this is a war between the most primitive and the most evolved organisms that inhabit the Earth!

Let us join hands to make our only Earth, a place where all elements of life can live in health, happiness and harmony.

Thank you.

Dr. S V Narasimhan

VIRAJPET 571 218 India. 9480730884

The Wildlife Message Cards are individually hand-painted and sent free to individuals throughout the world to mark the Wildlife Week.

Total of hand-painted cards made: this year 1780; in 25 years 51,820.

Total recipients: this year 1025; in 25 years 7040.

Please send more stamps to reduce my burden on postage.


Sridhara said...

Dear Nachu Mama,

Thanks for spreading wildlife awareness through your artistic fervour. Its comforting to see someone take the time and initiative to do it with the same intensity for a quarter of a century. We all wish you many more years of such perseverance and hope that the "most evolved species" does not go squandering away millions of years' work. Thanks for this year's thoughtful message.

Shiva Shankar's photography said...

Dear Sir,

You'r work is inspiring, I wish the word reaches each one and hope they act on it.

Best wishes.

Dinakar KR said...

Dear Dr.Narasimhan,
Congratulations on the 25 years of your yeoman service to Mother Earth, in this regard. Your message for the occasion is impressive and facts well said.

It is my humble request to keep visiting your blog more often and post more pictures and messages for us. That way, we can also learn more and do our little bit through inspiration. Many of us need the inspiration and some push.. we tend to sit in easy chairs and we need that push!

Best wishes.


GANGAMMA said...

thank you sir , I came to know that there is book 'KODAGINA KAGARATHNA'written by you. how much cost for that .I want to buy .