Monday, September 29, 2008

Wildlife Message 2008


Friday, 26 September 2008

Dear friend,

Many times I have wondered as to what is richness, who is a rich man? Is it only the money that makes a man rich? All of us tend to believe that a person who lives in a city earns a lot of money, builds large mansions, attends posh parties, shops a lot and leads a glamourous life. So he is a rich man. And a farmer who lives in a village is naturally poor.

When you happen to visit a friend in a city, there is a palpable change in the attitude of your host. Apart from looking into your daily needs, his daily routine and programmes change. Your host will be eagerly waiting for you to quit! In addition, you have to go to city with a heavy purse too!

On the other hand, have you visited your friend living in a village? Wow! How happy his whole family is! He does not have to bother about water, grains, vegetables, milk or poultry. They are aplenty. You do not have to open your purse. You can spend all your time amid nature, forget your botherations entirely. And when you depart, your host invariably laments: friend, it is as if you came yesterday, you could have stayed for a few more days!

What a contrast! A farmer has to look into the daily needs of not only his kith and kin but also the labourers who work with him, the cattle, poultry and other domestic animals. More over the trees that he has planted in his farmland shelter and nurture innumerable lifeforms. In a sense he has a large extended family. Every one leads a happy, secure and contented life under one village farmer!

Now tell me: who is really rich? I feel that the simplicity and generosity of a true farmer are the virtues for us to follow.

Let us join hands to make our only Earth, a place where all elements of life can live in health, happiness and harmony.

Thank you.

Dr. S V narasinhan

VIRAJPET 571 218 India.,

90087 38258

Dear friend, more than 7000 individuals have received these Wildlife Message cards during the past 24 years and spread the wildlife messages thoughout the world. Our collective effort surely has brought a perceptible change in the mindset of people around us. The total number of cards has crossed the 50,000 mark. Please tell me your sincere opinion on this moment of great achievement.

The Wildlife Message Cards are individually hand-painted and sent free to individuals throughout the world to mark the Wildlife Week. Please write to the above address to be a proud recipient of these cards every year.

Total of hand-painted cards made: this year 2490; in 24 years 50,040.

Total recipients: this year 1230; in 24 years 7110.

Please send more stamps to reduce my burden on postage.


Balaji R Sharma said...

Great work, and a very nice post. Mindless urbanization has been inevitable, and it's a pity people are taking to it inspite of its flaws.

Wish the divisions weren't about the urban-rural divide or the rich-poor disparities. The rich and the urban aren't always the happier ones.

Great work. Look forward to updates on this space.

Muscicapa said...

Would love to see the new technology versions ! Any online ?

- Shyamal

agniprapancha said...

Nice sir very nice. You are artist? What beutifull handling! I am very happy sir. Gud luck.


AB Apana said...

Great stuff Doc. Your efforts are indeed commendable. Stamps will be flowing your way soon.



Dear Dr. Narasimhan,

Best wishes on wildlife week...

Just wanted to drop you a line to let you know that, really a very good work!

Please keep in touch,

Warm regards,
-Kamlesh Adhiya

JN said...

Thanks for sharing your commitments and incredible talent. Its a great source of inspiration for many- JN Prasad, Bangalore

Anonymous said...

Dear Dr Narasimhan

Kudos to you. I admire your multi tasking ability. I wish you all the success in your endeavour

Dr Venkatesh Devanur
BioPesticides, Biofertilizers & Probiotics

Dinakar KR said...

Dear Dr.Narasimhan,
It's nice to see you on the electronic media... on a blog. Remember the days when we exchanged s-mails [snail mails as they call now!]? I'm a bit guilty in retaining only a few cards you sent me. I don't regret you removing my address from the mailing list. Plenty of things have happened in the last 10-15 years since we exchanged mails, on the personal front as well as technological. The internet must have really helped you.

Stay tuned!
Best wishes.

coorg said...

thanks for this brief information!

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chottemanda krishna said...

Dear Narasimhan
I appriciate and salute you for the great message that you are spreading through your cute cards with the meaning full quotes.
contadictory to your view about city and rural folks I have a diffrent openion.The hospitality you recieve in homes irrespective of the location depends on your hosts and not the location,gone are the days,now a days where ever you go you need to go with big fat wallet.